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December 23, 2006



Yeah, try and use the raspy sound to create an edgy kind of sound. Sort of a Joe Cocker/Louie Armstrong worship time. Or maybe if it's real bad you could come up with a Barry Whitish sound...that may be too sexy for worship though. :)

I HATE when that happens. My girls have been sick this week and I've been Zycaming my nostrils like crazy to avoid getting it before the Christmas services along with praying. Zycam...pray...pray...zycam. Sometimes I pray while the Zycam q-tip is stuck in both nostrils.

HOpe it goes well tomorrow!

matt morgan

haha! yeah i was thinking it would be a bit of a Robbie Seay Christmas, but your suggestion of Barry White is awesome!

Merry Christmas Ben...hope your service is great too!

Jeremy Pickwell

Unbelievable....the same thing happened to me. I started feeling it 3 days before Christmas Eve. I started popping Zycam? and Vit-C like crazy, but it didn't really help. But God somehow got me through the night! I'm just now feeling up to par.

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