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  • I'm a Pastor at Reston Community Church near Washington DC. My wife, Tricia and I live in Reston, VA and have two girls, Hope and Maddie.

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May 27, 2007


Victor Estrada

Matt, did you guys do the intro too? Just wondering


we did...or at least a version of it...i'll post about it...

not sure if that went off well...i felt like it needed something more at that moment to connect with the congregation...they just kinda stared...

Victor Estrada

I totally feel that. We did both of those a few weeks ago for the first time too but we did the whole intro with it and I totally felt the same way about the whole "it needs something more" thing. I thought about making a video for it that will flash up some scripture or something like that in a cool way. I'll let you know if I ever get to something like that. For now they'll just have to stare. =)

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