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April 11, 2008



did you read my blog on this?


Nice version. I agree with your comment though. Snoop Dogg and Shout to the Lord share the stage.


What was interesting to me about this was that for Idol Gives Back the night before, when they sang this song, they took out "Jesus." I didn't understand why they'd take it out one night and put it back the next, but it ticked me off. I guess it's cool they sang it? But I got that uncomfortable feeling when people who don't believe sing spiritual songs--like Mariah Carey singing Christmas hymns. Ack.


yeah...i was excited that they sang it...kind of...and i kind of had the creeps.

didn't seem to have much life...i think that's what it was. they were proclaiming a gospel that i wonder if they embrace.

i feel like it dilutes it a bit...

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