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Grace Fielder

Hello, so glad that you and your family loved Clemyjontri Playground. We at GEF had a great time designing it, creating all those nooks,crannies,and learning opportunities. The next time your at Clemyjontri look for the porpiose that jumps in the pond during certain times on a sunny day, or find out how fast a turtle can run, discover Roy G.Biv, or how far you can reach or how tall you are in metric or customary measurements.

Clemyjontri is an inclusionary playground the first of it's kind.

The designers are: G.E.Fielder & Associates,located in Columbia, MD 410-423-6318.

The playground opened in October of 2006, this is the first blog GEF has written on behalf of the designers. We want children everywhere to have this opportunity. Help us bring this idea to other children. Just this week we learned that it will receive the Merit Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects, Maryland and Potomac Chapters. Clemyjontri has also
been featured in Newsweek, and on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Please call us, we would love to help you bring your playground to life.

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