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As a mom of 3 boys I have 3 MUST haves for my guys...
Tonka trucks - daily play toy
Hot wheels - again daily play (both these toys are also more easily shared and great for them to play together)
Play tools - they LOVE to help daddy work!


I just posted a similar post on my blog today. Funny.



I agree with the tool bench and tools. My 20 month old goes around the house with his "electric drill" tightening all the screws. To think I didn't even know they were loose.


Those are great suggestions. I would add some type of building blocks - such as wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and Legos.


Thanks to you all for the comments - there is still room for more! I have to say, Linda, that the strollers and shopping carts are HUGE hits in my house and I totally meant to include an art easel in my post :)

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