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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tip about keeping a hand on the car at all times. A friend of ours was visiting us last summer and got a frantic phone call from his wife. Their neighbor ran over her own 18 month old child while backing down the driveway, killing the child instantly. She thought her husband was inside with the child and didn't realize her child was behind the car until the most unthinkable happened. This horrific tragedy was a HUGE awakening for me. I ALWAYS make my daughter hold my hand anywhere near our cars and especially in parking lots and on our driveway. This is a horrible story, but hopefully it will remind everyone who reads it to KNOW where your children or ANY CHILD for that matter are when you are driving your car, most especially your driveway when kids are coming home from school, school and daycare parking lots, and everywhere else children congregate. Also, be certain to follow posted speed limit signs in neighborhoods. Neighborhoods usually have a speed limit of 25mph.


I like this. You could also teach the child to keep one hand on the adult. That way the adult doesn't have to worry whether or not the child is still keeping a hand on the car. Plus we live on a dirt road so my children would have mighty dirty hands if they had to put them on the car some days. LOL!


I so wish I could say this advice worked for me. When my oldest was about 2 we had seriously problems with this. My youngest was about 8 months old and usually screaming about the carseat. Since he's my darter, I always unloaded her first and STILL do because he just can't follow the directions of one hand on the car. I'm the mom with the child dangling from his arm since I insist on holding his hand. Usually, I'm holding him by the hood of his coat. :-) So fun.


We also do the one hand on the car trick, but we use the gas tank circle as the target--"put your hand on the circle." Still, I usually have my foot touching that child so I can feel movement, as I get the other out. Now that Logan is almost 5 it is much easier. He completely understands the consequences & dangers of fast cars. We have some el stupido drivers in our neighborhood, so this is more important in front of my house than anywhere! Yikes spikes.

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