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One more draw back to the anti-bacterial soap for those who have septic tanks in their yards... You need bacteria in your septic tank in order for the natural breakdown to occur. Anti-bacterial soap fights against this so in turn you need to have your septic tanks pumped out more often because things aren't breaking down the way nature intended. That our invest in "bacteria packets" to flush down your toilet every month.
Just a little FYI.


I've been back and forth about this...mainly just in the kitchen. It seems (as the mom of 4) I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands, which dries them out so fast; also, after hearing about the 'reverse' benefits of antibactierals, I switched to just regular handsoaps (with a bit of lotion!), but still wonder if it's not better to keep the anti-bacterial just in the kitchen, where I usually only wash my hands when working with food. We eat a lot of chicken and I just get a little nervous... What do you think?


I think there are probably some times when antibacterials can be helpful - I do keep some antibacterial wipes in the kitchen for wiping surfaces after working with raw meat. It's just easier not to worry about contaminating other surfaces or cleaning rags or whatever. As far as washing hands, regular soap (when lathered and rinsed with running water)is just as effective as antimicrobials.

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