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I would love to add to this. I have four kids: first two are one month short of 3 years apart, second and third are 20 months apart, third and forth are 3 years and 9 months apart. (we finally decided God's plan works best so we waited on him)
Number 3 came unexpectedly, I was still nursing number 2 when she was concieved. Even though it wasn't our plan, God had a surprise for us. I would not change a thing. They are in 7th and 8th grade now. When they were little they totally entertained eachother. They are polar opposites these days, one all sports and loves outdoors, the other lots of music and prefers to be inside away from the bugs. The bond these days isn't as strong as it was when they were little but I can see it building as they get older (more mature) and I pray that they are best friends out of HS.


I have 19 month boy/girl twins and just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant! That will put my twins at 29 months (just over 2) when this new one is born! Having had 2 to start with, I agree with Tricia about being able to love them both! It's been so fun having these two and I'm looking forward (anxiously and nervously) about a third one being thrown into the mix! Time to upgrade the automobile!


My kids are a little less than 16 months apart. Having them close is not for everyone and I wouldn't do it again. BUT I would say I now love having my kids close in age. My son is 3 1/2 and many of my friends have just had their second with a 3-year old. For us, my kids are finally old enough to play together most of the time. It was a VERY hard 18 months though after the little one was born and even while I was pg with her. Imagine being pregnant with a 7-month old! But the payoff has come now. I love it.


Congratulations to you Amanda!

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