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That's great to know! For the past few years I keep swearing I'm not going to use the better homes and gardens recipe that I've been using. It has no taste unless you ice them! I love icing them, but don't want to have tasteless cookies. I found the best recipe in Paula Deen's cookbook (well, one of them) and it's so easy, I memorized it unintentionally the first time! I like hearing about the flour sifting--great info! Thanks!


Also...I almost always use almond extract both in the frosting and the cookie for a more powerful and nuttier flavor. It really makes a difference, but you have to like almond! :)


Thanks for the great almond extract tip - my husband's family are big fans! I don't think I've tried Paula Deen's recipe, but due to her love affair with butter - I have no doubt it is delicious!

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