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My mother-in-law always serves up a Christmas wassail. It has freshly squeezed oranges, apple cider, spices, etc. It is so good and good for you too. I'll email the recipe when I find it.
Also, try a breakfast casserole. My husband's family always has a big Christmas breakfast after opening gifts. They serve a breakfast casserole with sausage, diced green chili peppers, eggs, cheese. It is very filling. Sticky buns are the highlight. I make them homemade in my bread machine, but my "MIL" uses frozen bread dough "rolls" with butterscotch pudding, cinnamon, sugar, butter, pecans, etc. You put them in a cold oven overnight and bake them up in the morning. These are particularly wonderful and well worth the extra time. My husband and his sisters literally FIGHT over these rolls. Hope these suggestions help.


We always make crepes for Christmas breakfast. The recipe is very easy (we just make them in a small frying pan). They can be made ahead and kept in the fridge and then just warmed up in the morning. You can use a wide variety of fillings - fruit is easy and healthy. We usually use jams and jellies, applesauce, or even maple syrup.


I'm a big waffles and pancakes gal--it seems to me that we have always had pancakes for Christmas morning, actually. Parents mag just posted a bunch of brunch ideas at http://www.parents.com/parents/slideshow/slideShow.jsp?sssdmh=dm17.287120&slideid=/templatedata/fc/slideshow/data/1196289869692.xml&esrc=nwpce24&email=194273988

Sometimes I'll premake the pancakes & freeze between wax paper, wrapped in foil. I label the package with date & contents (i.e. Wheat-free pancakes, 12/10/07). These warm quickly in toaster oven, or big oven, so there is little clean-up...and we eat them with our hands without butter or syrup--which makes opening packages while eating a...piece of cake (literally!). ;-D


Cinnamon apple pancakes are a smash, b/c you can have that sweetness without the mess. We've also gone with blueberry, but the handheld tradition would mean blue fingers & brand new gifts that way...so I peel & chop apples into little bits, generously pour in ~ 1T cinnamon & 1 T or more of turbinado sugar. OH! yum. Also, since I am wheat-free, we use buckwheat (which is NOT a wheat, but an herb/cereal/plant).

More about buckwheat: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-buckwheat.htm


There is still time for more ideas, but these are so great I'm already going to have a difficult time deciding! Thanks so much to each of you!


We always did pumpkin bread and cream cheese growing up.

No prep that day was needed, and it was delicious!


ooooh yum! Thanks Andrew, that sounds delish!


I would say keep your tradition, but add some healthy fat and protein as well by making something with eggs. I love egg white omlettes and my husband loves anything egg--casserole, scrambled, etc. I love sweet foods, but think it helps avoid the crash to add something more complex and with protein to keep your body working. It will also keep everyone full faster! Maybe two bites eggs plus cinnamon rolls!

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