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I'm really interested to see how the lawsuit goes. It's very hard to prove, but it's fishy that several of the recipes are nearly identical, and Lapine's book was out six months before Jessica Seinfeld's. Also, the publisher who did Deceptively Delicious had turned down the Sneaky Chef. All of it seems fishy to me. That's probably more the writer in me being interested in publishing stuff than how to put spinach in brownines. :)


At the very least, the Sneaky Chef is going to see higher book sales since everyone will want to compare the two (and honestly - it's not like anyone can corner the market on cookbooks!). More importantly, I've tried a few more DD recipes: Mac & Cheese II (w/bean) = a huge hit (I would have tried #I but didn't have the necessary purees); the brown rice crispy/marshmallow thing was kind of disappointing - very dry - I would have used more marshmallow (although everyone else seemed to like it well enough); and the tofu nuggets - I liked them, but I like tofu, and only the child who will eat anything was interested. I started spreading some sweet potato on my son's grilled cheese sandwiches too (inspired by the purees) and he hasn't noticed yet....

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