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I have learned so, so much from John Rosemond. He's written several books on kids and family. Two of my favorites are Making the Terrible Twos Terrific and The Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy Healthy Children.


I really liked Boundaries with Kids by Henry Cloud. I read it about 3 years ago when my girls were 1 and 3, and it has served me well with developing sibling rivalry and the addition of a little brother last year. Also, The Strong-Willed Child by Dobson had some great insights for issues with rebellion, both in helping me to change my perspective and helping my kids improve their behavior. One more: The Baby Whisperer was an early God-send for me, for one key parenting philosophy: "Start as you mean to go on." It is a TON easier to intentionally set up the rules for success early rather than make things up as you go along. It's a lot less confusing for your kids this way, they know what to expect and aren't surprised when they break the rules that there are consequences!

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