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That's really funny...you mean I shouldn't sit down for a cup of coffee to bond with my infant??

Although, I must say, doesn't EVERY mom eventually, at some point, violate the 'clearing baby's nose' one? C'mon...admit it - there's always that one that leaves you no choice but to do the 'mommy pick'...


Jessi - I honestly almost made a side comment that the only one of these I, um, might be guilty of is the cleaning the baby's nose. But who does that really? I mean, gross! (sheepish grin)


OMG...I'm cracking up. I love the checking the diaper one. HA!


Okay, in all honesty I must admit the hosing baby down idea has actually occured in our house. No, not with a garden hose, but that sprayer thingy on the sink is really good for rinsing spaghetti noodles off a toddler before they get the bath.


And I accidentally checked a diaper a little too far one time to discover why that is a BAD idea. No--not full hand on the heinie, but, I got an accidental smear b/c she'd exploded...is this TMI?

Oh, and I think there are people who think TV over baby's crib is a good thing. It is NOT NOT NOT!! But, a few of them I had to groan, "Oh, no! I think there are people who DO THAT!! For real." Most were obvious and very funny...others are scary!

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