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You know, your comment came just in time. I am having an identity crisis of my own since I have been offered a full-time position that would be my "dream job" with my "dream boss" and I sort of have to figure out who I am. I have sort of let my work idenity go, taking whatevert work I can get just so I could be a mom for a while. And while my plan was to wait until preschool to get that back, I may want to push that timeline forward so I can take this job. I do feel out of context at my current job and I wonder if it is time to get that back. Not just for myself, but for my daughter as well so that she sees the other person I am besides just her mommy.


I really appreciate your insight into identity. Before I got married even, I was fearful of this, because I know so many people who got married and became strange "married" people instead of just themselves, now also married. I know that having children changes everything, and I'm excited about that, but I think it's so important to retain that "self" part of you. Great thoughts on this!

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