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My 2-year-old Oliver has done things a little backwards as well. From what I remember, the first thing that kids learn is the alphabet song - and therefore the order of letters. Oliver doesn't even know the order of "a, b, c," but he can identify all letters on sight (as well as their sounds). This is 100% the result of this stupid video called the Letter Factory (Leapfrog) that may husband bought at Target one day. I thought it looked totally lame and never imagined that Oliver would give it more than a few minutes of his time (mind you, I am also one of those people who swore that Barney would never enter my house - ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.....ha). But he ended up LOVING it and was obsessed with it for a couple of months over the summer. Different kids like different things - but I recommend it as a good learning DVD for the 2 year old crowd.


Yes, we own that video as well and Maddie has seen it a few times....I wonder if that's the connection - probably. Leapfrog has a series of videos, they are all very good.

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