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First of all, the actual, real concern that parents would make decisions about their childrens' medical care based on a prime-time fictional drama is scary in itself. Secondly, shows like this air controversial, not-necessarily-factual-but-maybe-close-to-factual stuff all the time...no one is cancelling shows that misrespresent other people or causes... I'm not necessarily saying they shouldn't cancel it, but it's just interesting that this particular one is causing such a stir.

I have all my children vaccinated, and I'm not advocating NOT vaccinating, but I do think it might be valuable for parents to start looking a bit deeper ourselves into things that we trust with blind faith in the medical profession. In my parenting experience, I've found that drs CAN actually be wrong (imagine!!) - as they are human too. Obviously they have MUCH more knowledge than I, but ultimately I am responsible for my children and should take an active part in what I choose or allow for them.

Also, part of me is growing in distrust for docs (I am sad to admit)- a while back my hubby had a cold and went in to the doc just to make sure it hadn't progressed into bronchitis (as often does for him); the dr said no, but wrote him a prescrip anyway...my husband asked if he had to fill it - it was for an antibiotic and the doc had said he just had a virus...he question the dr and said, "Antibiotics won't really help this anyway, right, since it's viral, not bacterial?" The doc agreed, and said that no, he need not bother fill it, but that some people don't feel he is "doing his job" if he didn't prescribe something, so he just normally does!!! Unbelievable! And my sis just switched eye drs b/c she just couldn't seem to get her contact prescrip right...the new eye dr told her that her others weren't right b/c they weren't strong enough, but they were the strongest this certain company made, and that particular company gives the eye docs a kickback, so that's probably why her other doc didn't switch them...NICE!

It's so disappointing to me to encounter these types of things, but I think that maybe a little bit of questioning of the medical profession is good - maybe a show like this will cause people to stop and think "maybe I should look into things a bit more..." I imagine that might be frustrating for some docs to have to explain things more to patients, but the truly caring ones, I would think, would be glad for patients to care to know more about their medical health.

(Sorry, guess that was a bit long...)

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