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i would press the button and say..."steak!"


Haha, Matt, very funny. I see from the product reviews on Amazon.com that the voice recognition stinks. Pretty disappointing for $150!! I keep a pad of paper with a magnet on the back that I bought at Target for about $2 on the fridge and a pen (actually 2, just in case one wanders off) next to it in a magnetized caddy, and it is always there and super-fast. Same concept, just WAYYY cheaper. OK, it doesn't organize the list into categories, but my list is not so long that I can't glance over it and see all the produce items, dairy case stuff, etc.


That's funny, I read some reviews that said that the voice recognition was pretty good....oh well!


I designed my own grocery sheet a while ago, separated by categories so that when I add to the list I just stick it on the right are of the list to make the shopping experience more efficient. so many cheaper solutions to this...but it IS cool for those "Omigoodness" moments when you remember something you want to add to the list. quick hit of the button & say it. Very smart gadget.

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