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our experience: when Logan was just 10 months old he had a really bad health situation in which all of his white blood cells were just...gone! He had unbelievably low counts & became a Boy in the Bubble for some time. We had opted NOT to vaccinate him at all, and it was during this leukemia-like experience that we realized he could have been very vulnerable to a vacc reaction if he had received scheduled shots at that same visit where his blood was routinely taken...that same day that resulted in the frightening blood results that landed us in an isolated ward in the hospital.

With a tendency toward autism in the family genetics, I believe, now, that we could have lost Logan to autism at 10 months if he'd gotten the vacc before presenting with the neutropenia. Even his hemotologist agreed that it would have been the WRONG time to receive vax, but we did not know what he was going through at the time of his appointment, at which the shots might have been administered...

Complex is a good word, for sure!

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