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I have to agree I am not a big fan of toyboxes either. A really close friend made our daughter a toybox when she was born and while it is a very special, personalized keepsake, it doesn't receive a lot of use. While our friends used a special safety hinge that prevents the lid from falling, my toddler could still pull the lid shut on top of herself, panic, and be unable to get out without my help if she were to ever crawl inside. We drilled a few ventilation holes in the back portion of the box just in case.

I like to use baskets placed in various locations around the house. I try to switch toys, books, games, puzzles around on a weekly basis to help each play area feel new again.

Our toy box is so heavy it is difficult to move to vacuum around it, much less to turn upside down to empty out crumbs or move upstairs, downstairs, etc. Baskets are much more versatile.

While I'm sure toyboxes work great for some families, I think I'm on the same boat - they just aren't for us.

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