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Had you on my mind a bunch today, so I thought I'd swing by & catch up on your posts. Well, this is critical. I have interviewed dozens of men who are recovering porn addicts and EVERY one of them had their first access at a young age--often from an older male adult passing it on. Men I've interviewed (I am a researcher/producer for an internationally syndicated TV program) have often kept their addictions to themselves until they have become so toxic in their lives that there is a resulting spillover into their marriages and other relationships that is ultimately devastating & destructive.

Yes, yes! Protect the eyes of your children--protect your boys!!

And, like you, I had multiple random exposures as a child--same as you--a stack at this random house, an issue at a friend's house that was her dad's, racks at stores. This is one of the main reasons we use an internet portal/filter (GREAT MAC TOOL!!) called Bumper Car which I HIGHLY recommend to all you Mac heads. And, we have NO cable entering our house at all.

Bumper Car:

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