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If you haven't tried the Fage, you really should. It's worth every penny and there is nothing in the States that compares to the taste and consistency. I use it to substitute for sour cream. I love it with granola and fruit. Believe it or not this is the ONE yogurt we found in Qatar AND Sweden!!


I have to agree with the previous poster about Fage Greek yogurt found at Trader Joe's, although my yogurt budget doesn't permit me to induldge often. Curiosity got the best of me one day and I really liked the consistency. I think you could realistically thicken plain yogurt by setting it in some cheesecloth or even a paper towel over a bowl and allowing the liquid to drain from the yogurt. You should watch the consistency carefully, though because it will eventually become "yogurt cheese" which I've heard is similar to cream cheese, although I haven't tried this technique myself. I once used the Fage yogurt as a starter to obtain a thicker homemade yogurt, although for whatever reason it didn't "set." For the perfect homemade yogurt starter, I prefer Danon plain low-fat yogurt.


Yes, you can easily strain your own yogurt - it isn't any more cost effective however since the amount you end up with after the liquid is removed is about half as much as you began with. Yogurt cheese is really pretty good too and a great replacement for cream cheese.

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