Hi, I'm Tricia.

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local parenting resouces

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Thanks a nice way to display your kids stuffed animals

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Is it made of velcro?, It would be a nice solution for my nieces.

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My little daughter loves stuffed animals, wherever she sees one she wants to grab it and hug, so as soon as she saw your entry she tried to grab them through the screen LOL That was so funny.

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They could be really useful as toys for kids 2 to 4 years of age.

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Those designs are decent enough for your needs. Looks handy too.


I would love to find a simple solution to the space problem that I have. I have a huge game collection.

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Just wanted to thank you, not just because the nice post, but pretty much more because my grandfather is nearly recovering from his surgery and he has almost nothing to do but staying on bed all day, his best source of entertainment has been this blog and I feel this is something good for him and his recovery.

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