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First of all, I want to commend you Tricia for your candidness and willingness to tackle this topic.

As a mom of a girl and 3 boys, I've noticed more with boys just a general obsession with their 'parts' - seems like every now and then they just need to make sure they are there or something! I've handled it the same way as burping or nose-picking...calmly just saying "uh, honey, that's not really appropriate..." type thing. It seems like the less of a big deal parents make about stuff like that, the less of an issue it becomes.

I find it intriguing that no one else has commented... I wonder if that's because no one has encountered anything or if it's just a topic that parents still feel too awkward talking about...


While I haven't experienced this (yet) with my kids who are all under the age of 3, I do remember hearing a similar story from a grandma about her 4 year old granddaughter. Like Tricia suggested - they tried not to be negative about it, but instead, focused on teaching her about privacy and what is and is not appropriate for public. But I also thought it was very refreshing that the adults didn't let embarrassement get the best of them - instead they tried to see the humor in the situation. Apparently, the little girl started calling it "doing her thing" (like, "I'm going to my room to do my thing") - and they had some laughs about that. Of course the downside for the little girl is that funny family stories tend to stick....and it's likely that this one is going to come out at some point when she's all grown up, like the first time she brings her fiance home for Thanksgiving!


I just noticed my 2.5 yr old daughter doing this and I FREAKED OUT. I didnt know what to do, my eyes got watery, my heart was pounding. I am so confused right now. Is this because "somebody" or "something" woke that feeling up? And I keep reading that this feels good for toddlers? What is good? Good in a sexual way? Good in a sleepy way? I dont know. I dont know if I should scream at her? Im thinking of taking her out of daycare, talking to the doctor. Quitting my job. I am just so scared because of all these child porn cases I hear all the time. I dont want nothing happening to my little princess. If anybody could please answer my questions it would really help.

Susan C.

It's been a while since anyone has actually posted comments about this but I wanted to share my thoughts. We have a 16 month old son who recently started "humping" while trying to get to sleep at night. At first I shrugged it off and then my husband commented on the fact that he found his glow worm underneath our son when he was sleeping - he also said he was moving his hips up and down as if he were actually humping it. I then began to notice this (not every time we put him to bed but whenever he was fighting sleep initially) and I was really weirded out by it! All of the thoughts went through my head, especially about future abnormal sexual behavior, etc. I asked my sister and mother about it and they said it was very normal. Having read this blog, I am MUCH more confident that I have nothing to worry about. Of course, if he's older and does this stuff in public, then it would need to be addressed. Thank God I read this blog!


My 22 month old humps his favorite teddy bear that he sleeps with every night. Some days, he will try to hump everything several times when we are at home and some days nothing happens. I had fears about his future sexual behavior as well, but I think I was overreacting. I am a stay at home mom and with him 24/7 so I am confident that he is not being abused> I just think some kids do it, and others don't. I will be speaking with his pediatrician when he goes for his 24 month check up, because it seems like he does it a lot! It is embarassing and I want to talk to his Dr. before I put him in a Mother's Day Out program when he is 2. None of my friends have mentioned their kids doing this, although my neice still does and she is almost 10.


I typed into goodle 'toddler humping action' to try and find an answer to my daughters strange behaviour and was brought to this link. I'm also reassured to read this is normal. My daughter does this when she is tired, watching tele and bored...exactly as was written in the Blog. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.


My for-year old son does this as well, but he started right after he was born. Since my brother also did this, I have just simply ignored it since he only did it in his bed at night. Today I got a phone call at work because he was doing it at preschool. Apparently he has been doing it quite a bit, and it is disrupting the other children around him. We had a talk about being still on the cot at nap-time, and even practiced lying still this afternoon. I did not focus on the humping, just that it was very important to be still. Hopefully we can make it through the rest of this week and I can talk to the pediatrician next week when we go for 4 year-old shots.


I was told that when I was still very young (younger than 2) I started dry humping soft animals and things. I was not sexually abused or anything like that as a child. I'm now almost 18 and have had a boy friend for a year, we're waiting until we get married to have sex (well I am). So, yes, some people worry way too much. I know that my mum worried when I started, but my dad said it was instinct. It's ridiculous to think that a child must have been sexually abused or seen someone having sex to be humping things. Children are curious creatures who like to explore... everything!


My son does the same whn he is going to sleep. It's totally a comfort thing.
We had friends over the house yesterday and he did it on the sofa in front of people and it was hard to explain that it was just a comfort/sleep/boredom thing as they were all friends without children.
But thought maybe I should look into it and was brought here by doing a google search! Thanks for this and all the comments. Puts my mind at rest!


My 3 (ok so 1 week away from 4) year old has started this. He will lay a pillow on the floor and then pull a blanket over him and say " im gonna hide" and u can see the blanket rise and fall and shift around and when you ask him what he is doin he says "just hiding". This was extremely worrysome i can actually remember doing things like this when i was very young and i know i was never sexually abused. I know now that he is just curious about this feeling that this activity gives him although im still going to ask his pediatrician at our next well child check up.Im glad we switched to a male doctor, i feel this would be more awkward with a woman and probably more comfortable for my son as well. this link has been so helpful i cant even describe how much better i feel. thank you ladies so very much from one mother to another.

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