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A friend and I were talking about this one day. That we could make money walking through Babies R Us and advise moms..."don't get this, what you REALLY want is this." I say with a first baby you register for whatever you can since it's really, like you said, all about the baby's preference. My first never would sit in the swing, but my second loved it. The one thing I couldn't do without was all THREE bouncy seats (two were hand me downs). I had them all over. The other things I wished I'd had was a Bumbo seat and a few Baby Bjorn (or similar) plastic bibs. Oh, yeah and my Baby Bjorn. Both my kids lived in it.


Funny, the diaper genie and bathtub were two of the things we used and loved most! The bumbo seat only served us for about 2 months before she learned how to flip out of it. But it was fun while it lasted.

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