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I have very mixed feelings on this. I know some amazing doctors and I know some horrible ones. It's just like any profession. There's always a doctor who graduated at the bottom of their class. Someone has to be there right? For my own doctors, I have gone on recommendations and even changed doctors who don't go along with my general beliefs. Where you get into trouble is when you didn't get to pick? An ER situation or a delivery with another doctor in your practice. (My mom's cancer issue is a perfect example of doctors not listening and almost killing her due to lack of listening.)

I also think it's a mix of how educated we are today, due to the Internet, on issues that doctors used to know best on. My parents never EVER contradicted what a doctor said. But today, we research and question and research some more and doctors in turn have to answer all our questions. Which is GOOD!

i also think doctors need to work on their bedside manner if they want respect from patients. Making patients wait and walking the room like royalty for 5 seconds doesn't make me trust them. My doctors overseas--all of them--had the exam table IN their office. They talked to you like a person at the desk, looked stuff up at the computer WITH you and then walked you over the table for the exam. That I trust. They would even give you their pager and cell phone numbers. It's a doctor-patient relationship.


I was at the vet with my dog this week and found myself thinking that I wish I could get the same wonderful, patient, thorough care for myself that my dog gets from his vet. They answer all my questions and never make me feel like they need to rush away, they LISTEN, and they call the next day (and the next week also) to check on him, and they show that they genuinely like him - and us too. They also think about his diet and nutrition and his mental state when treating him. I have NEVER had a doctor who did all that.


I would never make a general, sweeping statement that you can't trust any doctors...but the more horror stories you hear or experience, the more trust gets lost, whether that's "fair" or not. I remember being horrified when I went to the gynecologist to go on the pill for the first time, and having the doctor spend less than five minutes with me, exam and everything. I had a lot of questions, and after impatiently answering the first, she brushed me off and told me to talk to the nurse, then left. When I walked out, there was a very young girl waiting, probably 14 or 15. Whatever you're doing in that office at that age (or any age!), it's a big deal. And to imagine that she was handled in the same way I was disturbed me greatly. It is a mistake to generalize, but at the same time, I have had few good experiences with doctors and it does add to the bad taste in my mouth. I always like to hear the good stories though, as it tends to help restore my hope...


Wow, it seems that my experience is not the norm. I’ve never had anything but wonderful Doctors who took the time to answer all my questions and made me feel like I was their only patient :) Our pediatrician is the same way. I’ve never felt rushed or that my questions weren’t important. She truly loves being with me and my family :) My Doctor actually almost started crying when she thought that my third would be my last. She’s thrilled that we now have number four on the way :) We really enjoy visiting during my appointments and she always begs me to bring all the kids :)
It’s really sad that not all women get this kind of treatment.


I have to say that I too have had enough bad experiences to taint my trust of doctors. I've had one or two really great ones, but the one pediatrician that I absolutely LOVED had to leave the partnership she was part of and move because of insurance 'games'. It was very frustrating, and after she left the practice took on a completely impersonal, big business feel. I left and have never found another doctor since, but I must say that I rarely feel like I'm getting 'personal' attention from a physician of any kind - ob/gyn or family - I feel like my individual situation is rarely considered, but I'm more like just another 'case' on an assembly line or something. It's a shame, because I'm sure there ARE really good, caring docs out there...there's just hard to come by I guess!


Thanks, Tricia, for this. As a pediatrician, I am frustrated by a lot of the things I hear and read, because I chose my profession because I LOVE kids and had certain God-given talents that worked well in this field. I work hard to make sure that each and every patient I see is taken care of as well as possible as much as I can control it. Unfortunately, I can't control everything. I could write an epistle about all the problems I think are behind this. To your readers, just please try to remember that there are plenty of us doctors who do this because we love our profession and genuinely care about our patients. We are trying to do the best job we can despite ever-increasing obstacles. Also, try not to blame doctors for everything. Remember that in these days of managed care and rampant litigiousness, unfortunately a lot of the decisions that affect your care are made by businessmen, marketers, and lawyers. Trust me, we doctors are not any more happy about it than you are.


To Kitty: I feel for you guys, I really do. I can't imagine what it must be like to want to practice one way and have all these restrictions on you. FWIW, I do love my doctors but i spend a great deal of time trying to find ones with good recommendations. We appreciate what you do for our kids.

Melanie Smith

I love my doctors. All of them. My pediatrician is amazing. Truly amazing. When we first moved to Indiana I only saw one ped. office when we came in. We had not been here a week and my 3 year old started running 104 fever. I called this office and told them what was going on with my 3 year old, but then I also had to let them know that I had no way to pay my copay. We had closed our checking account back home, I didn't have a credit card, and I wasn't on the checking account out here yet. The office manager told me she would talk to the doctor and call me back. My ped. said for me to bring him in. He had strep, she checked my two other kids and then examined my baby and at that point it looked like he had Roto-virus. I built a relationship with my doctor because my little one was getting so sick, but they also called to check on him. The office was genuinely concerned for his health. My ped has called on the weekend to check in on the kids. She brings stuff in that her boys don't have any use for any more for my kids. She is amazing. I really love her a lot.

My OB/GYN is also amazing. She has always been willing to spend an extra amount of time with me to make sure I understand everything. She made sure to put me at ease before my surgeries and that meant a lot to me.

My primary care doctor is wonderful also. He is very knowledgeable (as both my ped. and ob/gyn are) and takes time out with me. I have never felt rushed with any of these doctors. I think that there are great doctors and then not so great doctors...but I think there are also great moms and not so great moms...and great teachers and not so great teachers too.

Morgan Humble

Hmm, some people find doctors to be too arrogant to be trusted upon. But when it comes to medical matters, we should give them our full trust. They know things we don't know, so why should not we let them take over our health? But personally, I think you should think twice unless your doctor is your childhood friend. :)

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