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Thanks for the heads up Tricia! I just got 3 free samples mailed to me by the company! This also means I can paint with the kiddo in the house! Yay for naptime!!!


It's great to know about the non-toxic paint, but ALSO that flat finish (which is my fave) is hard to clean. Not having kids yet, I'm not usually having to wipe down the walls. Since I will soon be doing just that, I'll be aware of the easier-clean eggshell! Once again, I think you know everything!

Jamie French

Thank you for using this product. I work for the manufacturer of The Freshaire Choice. What you said is the exact reason this product was made. It is truely the only NO VOC paint on the market today. I hope you enjoyed painting with your family. From the picture, it looked like you did! Again, thank you for giving it try.

Jamie French

If anyone has any questions about this product, please email me at jamie_french@ici.com.

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