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I've seen this place and wondered about it ... do you mind me asking whether they took your insurance or did you have to pay out of pocket to be reimbursed by your insurance co. later? Thanks for posting about this!


They accepted our insurance, we just payed our co-pay. It's like going to an urgent care clinic...for us they were in our network.


I will second this. We took Alex there right before Christmas two years ago for what I thought was an ear infection on a Friday night. They weren't super fast, but it was super easy and quicker than an ER. Took our insurance as well. It was certainly more relaxed than an ER, too.


I wouldn't recommend them. Double check with you insurance company before going there. Their fees are very high and most of the time you end up paying from your pocket. They donot accept even the best of the insurance companies. They donot mail you the bill and you will end up receiving notices from collection agencies.

Kathie Wilson

I had the same experience as Linda. Peds at nite files under the wrong code and look as if they are an out of network pediatrician's office. I have been going around and around trying to settle a bill from February. They throw up their hands and refuse to help, saying it's your insurance company that is to blame. Then they send you to collections. When asking for help they do not return phone calls. Their website email is incorrect and no one is available to answer questions about billing, even when my insurance company wanted to conference call. It's been a nightmare.


Oh man! I'm sorry Kathie - that is really frustrating!


I am currently have the same problem as Kathie and Jack. The only problem is that Peds@nite has a contract with my insurance to consider my insurance as in network. Well Peds@nite are not honoring that contract and are requesting that we pay the remaining balance. Only problem is that they never mailed us a bill and just sent us to collection. It is a nightmare.

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Peds@nite is fantastic if your child is sick...The doctor took care of my child right away and correctly diagnosed the problem...however their Billing practices are horrendous! They did not submit a bill to our insurance until 2 1/2 months AFTER the visit. Then proceeded to use the wrong codes. I only found out all of this today, a little more than 8 months from the date of our visit, when I received a bill asking us to pay the remaining portion of the bill AND they included a BOGUS and FRAUDELENT charge of $25.00 for "sending the bill to us via UPS" (when it in fact came via USPS and the postage is clearly marked on the package as $5.60!) This is the FIRST time we have received any bill from them and it is unfreakingbelieveable. As soon as I figure out whom to complain to about their fraudelent billing practices, I will be sending letters.

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I currently have the same problem with "Discount Coach" with the billing issue. Even after I paid the practice the total amount upon recieving a bill a year later after service rendered back in November of 2010. Dr. Bravo's collection agency is harrassing me for a collection fee. Discount coach if you find out who to complain to about fraudelent billing practices. Please post and share with us.

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