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Wow...that's such a huge issue! It's nice to hear that you guys have found a healthy way to deal with it. My sister in law had a funny (but sad) story when she and her little boys babysat a friend's rabbit and the rabbit died in their care. She had these lovely thoughts of having a bunny funeral as a way to help the boys say goodbye and it totally traumatized them! It's a little funny now a few years later, but at the time, it was not the best! You never know how kids will deal with things, and I'm sorry you guys have had to deal with grandparents passing, but glad that your girls seem to be adjusting healthily!


I often talk to Michaela about my dad because he died before she was born and she is named for him, so it is important to me that he is a part of her life in some way. But I struggle with the need for her to know about him while not making her afraid/worried that parents can die. It's a very difficult line to walk.


Oh, we have just started having this discussion. It started with a flower dying. Then it led to where do things go when they die. Alex will ask if they can come back? Do they sleep in heaven? Who can you visit in heaven? What's it like? He finally put it all together one day and started crying because he realized that all things died and go to heaven and he didn't want to die. Took me 10 minutes to calm him down and assure him he wasn't going anywhere and perhaps he should start listening more about running out into the street. ;-)


My dad, who was very close to all my children, died suddenly of a heart attack a year and a half ago. We had no clue anything was even wrong, so it was a total shock. My mom was away when it happened, so she came home to find him already gone. It was EXTREMELY traumatic for all of us. I believe my kids were only able to handle it or grasp it because they already had an understanding of God, heaven, etc. It was obviously still a struggle to grasp something so huge and life-changing, but they were so comforted knowing that Pappy went to be with Jesus, and we reassured them that they had the hope of seeing him again one day in heaven too.


After I posted and re-read my comment, I thought it sounded very simple and trite...I just would like to add that it was really a drawn-out, difficult, question filled time; but what I said above was, I believe, the foundation for getting us through that time. It was complicated, and I just didn't want to convey something inaccurate. But to go into all the detail would be a post of my own!!

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