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My husband and i are praying through trying to get pregnant... two questions for you:
1. who is your OB up here in this area?
2. what hospital did you go to in nova to have your baby?

i will be considered high risk, so we are trying to find a great OB that we can trust.


I'm curious how you felt emotionally after your first unplanned c-section. My son had an extra large noggin :) so after 18hrs of natural labor plus 3hrs of pushing, I had to go in to a c-section. During the c-section I had a reaction to the epidural used, threw up during the surgery, and felt too weak to even hold my son, until 4hrs later. I felt like such a failure as a mother and a woman. Knowing that many women feel the same way after an unplanned c-section, I wondered what your encouragement or recommendations would be to women struggling with those same feelings of disappointment, self-blame, and failure due to an unplanned c-section.


Susan, I am very fond of my OBs, Dr. Glen Silas, Dr. Maddox, Dr. Dobrynzski, etc. at Northern Virginia OB/GYN Associates. They have an office at Fair Oaks Hospital and one near Fairfax Hospital. If you are going to be high risk, probably your best bet is to deliver at Fairfax Hospital, since they have the most advanced NICU and are able to take care of almost every possible newborn complication very well. They have more deliveries there per year than any other hospital in the area, so they are good at it! You may get a little more cushy experience with nicer furniture, etc. at some other hospitals, but their NICUs are not equipped to handle all conditions and some babies have to be transported to other hospitals if they develop complications. Hope that helps!

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