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My son started sleeping on his stomach around 1 month. He wouldn't sleep any other way...AT ALL! I talked to my doctor at the time, even though it wasn't in this country. Her response was....if he's sleeping, that is good. To this very day (he's four) he still sleeps on his tummy.


Our 16 month old son loves to sleep on his stomach with his face smashed against the bumper pad. This terrified me for awhile but he’s a big boy and can move something out of his way if he can’t breathe. He’s always slept on his stomach since he’s been in his crib (we moved him from the porta-crib/cradle to a crib at four months) and he’s a wonderful sleeper…much better than our girls (who were and still are back/side sleepers). Our Pediatrician never had a problem with it as long as we checked on him during nap times when he was still little. Every baby like every adult has their favorite “sleep position” and I wouldn’t stress about it :)


When my now 16mos old son was born, he was a terrible sleeper! At five months, he started rolling over and sleeping on his stomach. His 30min sleep stretches at night (I'm not kidding! They were really that short!) morphed in to 3hr stretches, then 5hr stretches and longer! At first I was terrified that he was sleeping so long, but I needed the sleep myself and couldn't bring myself to keep putting him on his back if he had already rolled over. I ask my pediatrician about this at the 6mos appt, and he believes that once a baby can roll over, they are most likely developmentally able to wake up and turn their face away from anything blocking their breathing. He basically told me to enjoy the sleep that we're all finally getting. To this day, Aiden sleeps on his stomach all night. We don't even try to put him on his back anymore (though I would keep doing that for a younger baby at least up thru one year old). Hope that helps!


My son did the rolling to tummy thing as well, and he liked to snuggle his bumper. I was really nervous about it since he had a touch of reflux, but he actually slept better on the tummy than on his back so we quit rolling him back over and bought a breathable bumper. He was happy and sleeping and so were we. Our pediatrician actually said once they can roll both ways you don't have to worry as much anymore. My son is now just about 21 months and sleeps in at least 20 different positions a night. He's a very active sleeper.

Oh if you're really worried about SIDS and breathing, get one of those monitors with the mattress pad that monitors breathing and alerts you if they take too long between breaths or stop breathing all together.


Thanks so much for all the great comments. I think they've all really helped to put my mind at ease! I have a feeling that Liam's going to be an active sleeper as well - we found him this morning basically on his knees with his butt in the air! :)

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