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ohh shes gonna haaaaaaate those.
at least for the first few years that she realizes she has them ;-)


Freckles are great! My little boys says God put sprinkles on his nose:)


that is adorable!

lisandrea Wentland

I love ferckles, and am the only family member wihtout them! My sister & mother are beautifully adorned...but they hate them. Funny, how we always want what we don't have! Like curls & blond hair--I'd take those too (again, Sister got em)...oh! And height!! (she got that, too!).

But I have other things she doesn't...so it's that whold greener pastures concept...I guess.

Congrats on the beauty marks!

lisandrea Wentland

*freckles (of course!) & *whole
I'm sorry for not re-reading before the post...

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