Hi, I'm Tricia.

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  • themomiam[at]gmail[dot]com


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Oh, dear Lord, this is so me! I feel a little more normal now. Thanks for that. :)


Wow, I feel better after reading you additions part, because after only reading the first part I thought, "oh my gosh, if this is her 'bad' (which pretty much is my 'normal') - there's no way I'm 'fessing up to anything!! :)

Yeah, I'm with you on almost all of them (and ESPECIALLY the sheets one...I can barely keep up with keeping the clothes clean - which people SEE - let alone the sheets which no one sees!!!)


Sadly - I am bad about sheets as well. I make the bed and think that it looks neat and clean... But Tricia - I thought you were perfect! And I'm only sort of kidding. None of your bad stuff is too bad - but it's nice to know that even the people that we want to be like have their own quirks and flaws.

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