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Julie Hurst

I was at your speaking engagement on Sunday at RCC. I was visiting my sister and her husband, Ed and Jen Reed. I was very encouraged by you and what you had to say. Just recently we have been noticing some behaviors in our 8-year old daughter that were unacceptable to us. We realized that it was not all her fault. We have been slacking off in our duties as godly parents. I just posted on our bathroom mirror the same scripture that you referenced in Deuteronomy 6. It was just a great reminder that we need to be talking about things of God ALL THE TIME!
Recently we discusse these same verses in our adult Sunday School class. An illustration that the speaker used really stuck with me. He used a ball of playdough and a cookie mold. He then pressed it into the playdough to show how an "impression" was made into the dough and stays there until we remold the dough. I thought it was a great illustration and one that kids will totally relate to.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I came away renewed and ready to parent my child in the ways of the Lord.


Julie, thanks so much for your encouraging words! I'm so glad to hear that you came away feeling renewed and encouraged! It means a lot to me to be able to help and support other moms. Thanks for visiting too - we love Jen and Ed, I'm sorry that I didn't get the opportunity to say hello to you in person.

lisandrea Wentland

Tricia--I am so sad to have missed your post until today--I would absolutely have popped in to hear from you (& it sounds like, from Julie's post, that it was as great as I would expect!). Sorry I missed that. Our responsibility is so huge--it takes planning & purpose every day--and sometimes that is just plain exhausting! So, I would certainly have benefited from a good jolt. Can you share which verse in Deut. 6?


I'm sorry I missed the chance to see you too. The reference is Deut. 6:4-7, my emphasis was on vs. 6 and 7 mostly.

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