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I always stick to real sugar. It may be more calories, but I can work those off. A friend of mine used Splenda instead of real sugar when pregnant to try and curb weight gain, but I figured it hadn't been thoroughly studied so to me it wasn't safe to eat while preggers. I am very leery of human engineered substitutes for natural foods, looks like I have good reason to be though! Thanks for sharing this info with us! You are always helping us other moms out with helpful info!!!

Jenna Schrock

Xylitol is a good alternative sweetener too! It’s all natural and is proven to be a better sugar substitute. It can be found in fruits and veggies, but there are manufacturers the produce these now. I guess you should also find and try one.

Pierre Cardan

I agree with what you said, Jenna. My mother used to tell me that Xylitol is a good alternative sweetener … I couldn’t believe it at first because I know a toothpaste brand with the same name, and it doesn’t taste so sweet. Well, natural elements like this need some additional mixtures to taste perfect.

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