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Tricia-How fun!! Who doesn't love a give-away?
One of my favorite school memories actually has to do with school supplies. Every year all I wanted was the Big Mama crayola pack with the built in sharpener! My mom always bought the 48 count instead. But in 6th grade she FINALLY sprung for the big one! Sixth grade was one of my favorite years in school, and I am convinced it was because I was sporting that Cadillac crayon box all year!


I think autumn will always be my favorite time of year because it reminds me of new beginnings: a new year of school, new teachers, and most importantly, new school supplies! I was a Crayola junkie so I'd be thrilled at the prospect of shopping for bright new markers, colored pencils, and crayons. And to top it all off... a new backpack (if I could convince my folks that the previous one was worn through)!

Oh, and oddly enough, the smell of Tang in a plastic thermos will always stick with me too. :)


Lets see something i remember from my school days is coming home after school and when my mom would make spaghetti for dinner I would grab a mug of sauce and just eat it straight as is with no noodles. She would get so mad but it would make me so happy. H


I loved new school supplies. The first day of school with everything smelling new was the best!


My favorite thing about starting a new school year was new school clothes & shoes...it was pretty much the only time I got new clothes, so it was a really big deal. (The rest of the time my clothes were hand-me-downs from cousins, which I was OK with, but it was still exciting to pick my own!)

And pens & pencils...I still love to get new pens and pencils!!


My favorite school memory was walking to school with my mom every morning and having that special time with just me and her!

Kate in NJ

What a cool giveaway!
I love when all the new supplies hit the stores. Feels exciting.

Kate in NJ

My favorite new school year memory
was the year I got to pick out colored pencils..it made me feel so grown up. I still love when the new supplies hit the stores.

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