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"Did you know that for $1, one African can have clean water for one whole year?" Umm.. Not true. I am an African and that statement is a generalization of what some people in the world think about Africa. Yes, there are parts that are dry. Also Africa is a CONTINENT not a country.It would be nice to be specific of what you're referring to.


The 1,000 Wells project sponsored by Blood:Water Mission has a goal of creating 1,000 Wells in 1,000 communities which span across several African countries (obviously the ones where access to fresh water is extremely difficult or unavailable). According to the calculations of this organization based upon the cost of creating a well and the number of people one well would potentially serve, they have estimated that it basically averages out to one dollar per person to supply enough water to that person for a whole year per well. When I referred to "African people who live among a shortage of water," I did not mean to imply every African person...but those who do live among very difficult daily circumstances. I apologize if I offended you, Christine, in any way. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate via blog posts, but I thank you and all my readers for visiting here and I certainly welcome your input and your help in conveying things clearly, appropriately, and sensitively. Concerning Blood:Water Mission, I'll defer again to their website at http://www.bloodwatermission.com/ to help everyone better understand and perhaps contribute, as I think it is a cause which is worth our attention.

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