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I can't even imagine this. I still have to dress my kids and it's so rushed and wild in the morning that cute outfits aren't even a sure thing...


Ah, isn't the freedom wonderful?!? My kids are finally all able to dress themselves (well, the youngest occasionally does)and the oldest is actually able to babysit!! I can grocery shop by myself, and make a quick Wal-Mart run if I need a few sanity moments...my hubby & I even can go out for dinner (if it's fairly close by)! It's like a little taste of heaven!


Wow, I'm impressed and a little shagrined. My girls are 2 years older than each of your two and I can't say this has happened any time recently, maybe even ever. I am trying to get serious about teaching them responsibility and following directions, but I always have to stand over them to get them to do anything, directing every mini-step of the process (meanwhile getting nothing done myself and also becoming more and more ticked off by the second). It's good to hear that it is doable and maybe I need to redouble my efforts in this department... it's not too much to expect from them at this point, they are going to be 5 and 7 this week! Ugh, frustrating...

Jenna Schrock

Wow, they're mature. It's really hard to teach kids how to be mature, because most of them like to play a lot. Who knows what they'll do when you're not there? You've done a great job raising them. Oh, and it seems that they're taking good care of their teeth too.

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