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i support that. i hope that you enjoyed your quiet, restorative, and relaxing morning alone. :) I have two of those TV shows on DVD here in Mexico, and they always do the trick when I need to give my brain a little break. :) love ya!


I hear you and feel your pain! Glad you got to relax and recover a bit.


Oh yes. We all need those breaks. I used to take them doing scrapbooking and watching Friends' episodes on DVD. I really need to do that again. I'm getting one of those much needed breaks this upcoming weekend....trip to Atlanta to see best friend who is 37 weeks pg with her 3rd baby. This way I can pamper her for a change. It's my good deed turned into girls' weekend.


I'm an introvert as well and definitely recharge with time alone, a difficult luxury to come by especially during the holidays! Reading and writing are definitely theraputic for me, so I locked myself in my bedroom one night this week with several good books and my journal and tried to recollect my sanity!

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