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Kim Gardiner

All for breastfeeding!
I support everyone breastfeeding. First impression though: Creepy dolls!
Do they have on nursing bras? Why not a button down shirt? Why aren't their breast veiny and sagging? Is the baby permanently attached or does it kind of velcro on? Heaven forbid my daughter should think her new baby will be sewn on someday!
Should we have fake breasts like Robert Deniro in "Meet the Faulkers" for our girls to wear with their dolls?


Um, yeah...definitely creepy.


Um, yeah...definitely creepy.


Um, yeah...definitely creepy.


Um, yeah...definitely creepy.

Pip Wheelwright

Hi There,

I am the WAHM, owner and founder of these doll sets,I am based in the UK. I worked along side a Canadian company who designed them for me, and they have been a huge hit with BF families, midwives, family centres, doulas, lactation consultants to name a few. Its a shame you feel them creepy ? They are not only proving popular for children to role play with, but for pre and post natal workshops, peer support groups, LLL groups so I really hope you can see beyond the negative comments here, by those who sadly do not seem to understand what I am trying to achieve, which is getting the positive breast feeding message and cloth nappy promotion. They do not for the records have nursing bras, or front fastening t shirts, as some of Us like to nurse discreetly under a top.

Hope these comments help your readers understand my dolls more, and please for any future blogs, it would be really good to have asked permission to even use my photos or details ? It clearly states on my website to ask permission in writing before using my materials, or website content ? So many bloggers making a joke of my business, not nice really.

Thanks and email me via the website for info if you need futher questions asked!

Mrs Pip Wheelwright.

Pip Wheelwright

Oh and to add for the enquiry are the babies permenantly attatched ? Why of course not, they are able to hold hands, kiss, cuddle and of course breastfeed, I'm trying to show how to Nurture Our little ones, not suffocate them LOL Check out the website for more photos, of the babies, they are completely seperate from Mummy, its just thos photo this blogger chose to use of them.

Regards Pip Wheelwright,


Here is the email that I sent to Mrs. Wheelwright in response:

Dear Mrs. Pip Wheelwright,
I want to apologize for any offense I may have caused in my post about Boobie Buddies Breastfeeding dolls on my website at restonmom.com.
I am a supporter of your vision and purpose. I'm afraid that my post - an expression of my own very personal opinions - was only meant to spark honest discussion, not to criticize. I do wish you success and hope that you will receive much positive feedback as to your product and intent.
Also, I apologize for using any content without permission. I honestly did not see the note asking to gain permission first, clearly my own oversight. Usually I am very good about observing that and respecting other people and their sites.
Again, I am sorry for the offense.

Pip Wheelwright

Thank you Trica,

as per email contact: herewith my reply to Trica for the record too ;0)

Hi Tricia

Thank you for taking the time to get back to Me. I have had so many USA blogs, being positive about my doll sets, and a few taking rise, and upsetting, saying cheap rag dolls, which they certainly are not, and I am sorry they appear creepy to some, but read the reviews on my website, they count for a lot!

Please feel free to post your email reply to me on your blog, it may just make those who make passing comments off the cuff, realise I am just a WAHM, who is trying to offer something other than bottles and plastic dolls to adults and children alike, to promote breastfeeding. It makes me really sad that so many bloggers, don't realize first they need permission, and secondly, what harm it does to a new business by joking about someone's livelihood. Its taken two hard years to go through designs, patents, safety testing, production, blood sweat and tears, whilst caring for my family, under difficult circumstances, (read my published articles on my website) Good insight into what been happening for me over the past few yrs or so. Let's work together, not against please in the Breastfeeding cause!

Keep in touch please.

Regards Pip

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