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I am so sorry about this. That looks awful.

Yeah, my daughter burnt herself at about 14 months when she pulled a coffee cup down off a shelf....we put out of reach of her...and had second-degree burns on her arm. The good thing is it was treated pretty quickly and no longer even has a scar. I feel so bad for you.


Holy Cow!!! I can't believe you didn't have to go to the ER! Hope it heals quickly, and you feel better soon...


I'm so sorry! Hope it heals quickly! Thanks for the safety links on burns!


I think that the real lesson to be learned here is that bacon is bad for you. If you insist on eating it - then you have to pay the price at some point.

Seriously though - that LOOKS painful. I'm so sorry - and good reminder to take a minute and pay attention to what we're doing. How many times I have found myself trying to multitask with a kitchen knife in my hand....Note to self - be careful.


Oh Kate - why must the bacon always be blamed? Bacon is good....mmmmm....baaacooon....

I agree about knives though. I'm much more apt to hurt myself with that particular utensil in the kitchen than any other. Being a world-class klutz (my mil calls me "calamity jane"), it's not hard to get a knick here and there, even when I'm not multitasking!

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