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Very creative! And I can't believe I never thought of doing that for a sand box! My boys love playing in sand, but I've always hated the fact they'd end up having to sit in it! This way is great!


What great ideas! I will have to do this with my boys!


What great ideas! I will have to do this with my boys!


I love this!!!


Dear T,
Please check the bag of play sand for a small (almost hidden) warning label on the back. All the bags that I saw last year at Home Depot had a VERY small warning label that it contained silica dust, a carcinogenic substance also known to cause birth defects.

This lead me to search high and low for non-toxic play sand. I have found only ONE company that manufacturers non-toxic play sand made from sterilized beach sand. It contains no silica.

For further info read this-

Much love,

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