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I have one of these and I loved it when I was nursing my daughter. My husband insisted we fly home when my daughter was 2 months old and there is NO WAY I could ever nurse on an airplane without this item. Because it hangs around your neck, you don't have to worry about it falling down like a blanket might and it also works beautifully as a sunshade for your infant car seat/carrier, stroller, etc. I have even used mine as a blanket in a pinch. This is one of those items that I either give to all my expectant friends or recommend they purchase for themselves!!!


My sister LOVES hers, and has given them as gifts so often that she's now figured out how to make them herself!


I have one and it is super functional. I can't tell you how many bizarre places I've nursed with this. There can still be awkward moments, like when I was hanging out with couple friends and Sawyer made an inordinate amount of sucking and smacking noises, but I feel that it's respectful of everyone to keep covered up. I must admit that sometimes I get all wrapped up in it or Sawyer starts kicking or grabbing it and I'm not sure how covered I actually am... :)


it is sad to see one mom telling other moms to hide what comes naturally. actually, i just returned from nz and no one there even looks twice when moms are nursing in public. maybe the problem is not that moms should hide their "hooters" (what a rude word to call our most precious commodities for our babies) but that husbands should have more "respectability" and realize that those moms are only doing what the mother of his child does (hopefully).


Yeayea, I thank you very much for your comments - I think that your esteem for the beauty and benefit of breastfeeding is wonderful. I do kind of think you missed the tone of my post - in which I was very clear to say that I totally agree that women should be able to nurse in public and unashamedly. I just simply feel that for the sake of our boys and men, a little modesty is quite appropriate and is not a negative commentary on breastfeeding. I'm not intending to say that breasts should be hidden because of any negative connotation - but it is simply my opinion that those beautiful and intimate parts of our bodies are not necessarily for all eyes to see. My husband is not disrespectful of other nursing moms - we have three children who have all been breastfed. He would be the first to fully support this as the case for all moms, whether in public or not. It is because he IS so respectful of other women and of me that he doesn't care to be exposed to the naked breasts of other women in public - but a mom who is modestly nursing her hungry baby is no big deal at all.


like i said, i dont think the modesty lies as the responsibility to the woman but rather the men who should be a bit more mature about the situation. for instance, what if a woman does not have the skill or the appropriate device or forgot to bring something to "cover up" with? then the responsibility is with the men to view it as a beautiful act of nature rather than "hooters" or "boobs" or whatever to term, to be ogled at...
maybe men should have blinders made for them for this specific purpose...:-P


I understand your point. In the example I gave in my post, I mentioned that my husband stood at a distance - I'd like to add that this was precisely because he IS mature and polite and respectable, a man of great integrity whom I love deeply. I wouldn't begin to worry about him oogling other women's boobs especially while they were feeding their children. And look, I've breastfed three children in public numerous times and I won't pretend that I'm super coordinated or graceful or that my kids never yanked the cover right off of me or that I've never found myself in a predicament in which a mom just needs to do whatever she needs to do. But I still think women can and should be modest and that you must take responsibility for the modesty of your own body and actions. The women mentioned were seated completely in the open in a highly populated area in the midst of a very large and sprawling park while there were other benches, seats, areas nearby where they could have nursed their babies peacefully and modestly. That said, I think that our society has come a very long way in supporting nursing moms in public and otherwise - which is commendable.

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