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Kim Gardiner

Bolt your furniture to the wall! Both kids have discovered that Mommy moves all the interesting things up high and try to climb to find them.
Simple L-brackets can be picked up at any hardware store, even Walmart. Attach to a wall stud.
In addition, offer fun safe toys at their level. Like a shoebox with a lid that holds appropriate toys for their age. They can root through their toys rather than pursue Mommy's stuff out of reach.


Sleep your baby in a sleepsack! A sleepsack is like a vest that is closed at the bottom. We have tried all the brands out there and we think Halo makes the best quality one. (Halosleep.com) The zipper design makes it so easy to use and diaper changes are so easy instead of having to unwrap a swaddle. We love our Halo sleepsack and SWEAR it is the ONLY think keeping our toddler from climbing out of the bed! So much safer than a loose blanket and First Candle (SIDS alliance) i think endorses the Halo brand. We can't live without them!

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