Hi, I'm Tricia.

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Maybe all these differences mean there's a little man in there!

Sara Beth

I always thought that the differences meant that there was another sex in there, so I was pretty sure my third was a girl (we did not find out.) However, it was a boy. I was doing some research that said that you have more aggravated symptoms with later pregnancies because your body is stressed, worn-down, and tired from mothering toddlers--BINGO! That describes me perfectly! I know we all know this, but drink lots of water--apparently nausea is a common side effect of not being well hydrated in pregnancy. Anything helps, right?


Ohmigosh!!! A belated congrats to you & your family on your very BIG news!! THNX for sharing & sure hope you start feel better soon! Take care :-)

Chelsea Leis

There will be times when you'll feel something different from your previous experiences. Maybe there had been similarities in your first two, but they're not entirely the same, right? Oh, congratulations by the way. =D

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