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As the mom of a peanut and green pea allergic 5-year old this is a very personal subject to me. Sure, it's easy to avoid peanuts & peanut butter, but it's the products that may contain or were processed in a facility or on equipment that also processes peanuts that are tricky. Until you live with food allergies every day, you don't realize how complex the problem can be.
I can't really worry or wonder why this happened to my son. It just is. What I do worry about is how to cope outside of our peanut free house. How to deal with extended family members who don't read food labels as carefully as they should. How to avoid pot luck dinners or bring our own food to social events. How to comfort my son when his classmates are all eating cupcakes he can't have. The list could go on and on.
I'm extremely grateful to other parents who are aware of food allergies and do their best to make sure my child is safe and included. My hope is that people will continue educating themselves and their children about food allergies and treat it as the life-threatening problem that it is.

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