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Hi Tricia, congrats on your pregnancy! My sister-in-law is also pregnant, much to be excited about!

My personal pick, would be Amelia Christine. I love that name. But I know Emma is one of the most popular baby names in the country, so my guess for the actual choice is Emma Christine. Because the odds are in my favor. ;)

Marc Benton

A good friend of mine named their recent baby girl Amelia Mae so I'll vote there is a trend. Personally I like Sarah.


I am partial to the name Emma (i.e. my daughter!) but I think Amelia sounds good with Hope and Maddie! Can't wait to hear your choice! They are all great names!


I'm gonna guess Amelia...it sounds good with Hope and Maddie!

Sara Beth

I am going with Amelia, although I am tempted by Meryl just because it is an unusual choice, which makes me think if it was not the name, why would you think to put it on there....Can't wait to see!


my guess is amelia, but maybe that's because i like it best. emma's my second pick for what you and matt chose. this is so fun!

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