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Don't have any Christmas books yet that I can honestly say I really love. In fact, most have been somewhat disappointing, so I'd love to have a really good one!


John's crazy love for trains has led us to have lots of experience with The Polar Express, so I guess I must declare it our family favorite. We have the book and the movie and love them both.


I lean towards the traditional, so I'm going to pick "'Twas the Night before Christmas" but I love The Polar Express too.


I can't really say we have a favorite Christmas book, yet. But we have made it a tradition to read the Christmas story (from the Bible) as a family Christmas morning. Basic tradition, I know. :)

Maria Stout

We have a few favorites but they are still packed away so I'm not positive of the names... There's one about 3 trees which is probably my favorite. One Winter's Day is a winter book not Christmas but it is SO SWEET by M. Christina Butler.


I love to read The Night Before Christmas to the girls. I think it is such a beautifully written piece - every single word is perfect.

LG's Mama

My daughter is really into "The Best Smelling Christmas Book Ever." It is a scratch and sniff book that follows a family of mice as they make a gingerbread house. It is not my favorite, but it certainly is her's!


We're also fans of The Polar Express, both the book and movie. I'm looking forward to reading The Best Christmas Pagent Ever and The House Without a Christmas Tree to my kids in a year or two.

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