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My mom bought us a fake tree when we lived in Texas because the real ones died so quickly. We've kept it ever since! I don't think I would have a preference.


My mom always had fake trees because she's allergic. I wasn't as a child, but I developed allergies over the past couple years and now I'm allergic to pretty much any plant you can find. (Including the hops in beer! It makes me stuffy.) So for me I'll probably have to continue buying fake trees and spraying pine scented room spray.

I know according to Slate.com's Green Lantern column, real trees are supposed to be better than fake ones. http://www.slate.com/id/2180086/

Just make sure when you recycle it you're not throwing it on Reston Association property. Reston Association Guideline No. 8: "No refuse, such as grass clippings, leaves, trees, paper products, brush trimmings, household articles, motor oil or other chemicals, is to be discarded on RA open space."

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