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Hadley's been 3 for two weeks now and it's been quite the challenge. Add illness, travel, and very little sleep to the mix. Yeah, fun times at our house! Three is definitely a difficult age.

Sara Beth

I agree--3 is much worse than 2. I think that something about 2 is still "baby" (which makes me think they don't know any better--after all, they are only 2) and at 3 they are disobeying, and they MEAN too...not sure if that makes sense, but you get my drift.

Allison Rankin

I have a shirt that says "You don't scare me, I have a 2 year old." When I wore it, other moms laughed and said "3 is WAY harder than 2!" I didn't believe it until John turned 3 and became much more defiant, independent, and definitely challenging! I can only imagine what Kara will be like by then!

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