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Thank you, Tricia, for making a stand and speaking out against this atrocity. And thanks for making the link available.

Heather C.

As a mother of two girls and as a nurse not to mention a Christian and American citizen ~ this topic makes my skin boil. If I am not mistaken, he used the phrase "as a concerned father of two girls...." as if that justifies his stand somehow. Tricia, thanks for speaking about this topic. It is one of the uglier sides of politics but that is our rights to speak up and as president it is his job and duty to SERVE the people.


This is why I didn't vote for Obama. For me this was a deal breaker. I wasn't too keen on McCain either, but how could a man that has two beautiful little girls be okay with this? For me, having my own children opened up my mind even more so in knowing the beauty and the miracle a pregnancy/birth is. Why wouldn't they give literature and educate a woman about what an abortion really is? Don't doctors try to educate everyone on what ever procedure (although I don't consider life a procedure) to their patients? Wasn't the choice to make abortions legal, was so they could stop back alley places from performing them? Now an unlicensed person can do them? How does this make sense?

I honestly don't believe in abortion. Life is too precious and too beautiful to be taken so lightly. ITS LIFE. I can't help but shed some tears as I write this. I just don't understand.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! Not enough attention is brought to the damage that will come to millions of innocent lives! I 100% whole heartily agree with you!


Thank you for posting this! I'm praying this does not get passed...Have you heard about all the Catholic run hospitals that said they will close if they are given no choice on performing abortions? I would hope something like that would make him reconsider.

sarah wiegand

aaaaaaaaaand this would be pretty much the whole reason why i couldnt, in good conscience, vote for this man. :-/ thanks for posting this though...


I just read the actual text of the bills. I have to be honest...I really am failing to see how fightfoca.com gets what they are claiming will happen out of those bills...

Therese Green

Great post!!!! I've been praying for the March in Washington today :)


I feel there is nothing worse than a child who grows up unwanted or worse in a situation where they are neglected or abused because their mothers had no choice but to have them. Imagine your beautiful daughters in a family/no family that is poorly equipped (financially, emotionally, etc) to raise them. I have worked with these children and that is heartbreaking. The US foster care system sucks so that is a poor option. You are imagining one side as extreme, so try and imagine the other extreme. Anyone can get pregnant, but not everyone can care for a child like affluent people in Reston can. Its not fair to a child. Being unborn, they will not know any different and their 'souls' may later be born to someone else. I am an atheist, so I have no belief of any religion's rules.

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